Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Free Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

Small business owners often spend a lot of money in advertising only to see very little return.  You don't need fancy, glossy brochures to legitimize your business.  You can get more clients right now but doing a few things that are absolutely free.

A web presence is a must in today's economy.  People go online first to find everything they need from hiring a plumber to ordering a pizza for dinner.  Too small or not enough funds or expertise to manage your own website?  No problem.  There are a number of free outlets at your fingertips.

* List your business on Yellow Pages online.   It is free to create a listing for your business.  You can list your location, hours, website and email.  It can take up to 10 days for them to verify your listing, but it is well worth the wait.  A listing on will give you added credibility.

* Social media provides a variety of outlets to get the word out about your services and expertise.  Create a Twitter and Facebook site for your business to post daily about special offers, services and success stories.  These accounts can quickly generate you hundreds even thousands of followers.  You can encourage your current clients to give you good reviews on these social networking sites and get their online friends to follow your sites.  Social media provides free press and an online presence, all without spending a dime.

* Put your flyers in neighborhood businesses, stores and churches.  A lot of places will allow you to place flyers about your business or services at their location for free.  It is simple to make a few flyers on your computer and post them around town.  You can make lots of flyers that people take with them.  Or, you can print one flyer with tear-offs at the bottom with your contact information.  Yes, this is old school.  But, it really works.  Even the busiest person has to go to the store and can pick up a flyer and will remember that personal outreach when they need your services.

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