Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Be Different to Seal the Deal

With every small business in the world trying to get customers at the same time and even offering the same product or similar product/service, you have to stand out in order to get noticed.

There are a number of ways in which you and your small business endeavor can distinguish itself from the crowd:

  • Mission.  Develop a meaningful mission that characterizes your company.  Give people a reason for others to support you over competitors and feel proud of this association.  If your mission is something that people want to be associated with, they will follow you with loyalty and enthusiasm.  
  • Options.  Offer your clients a unique opportunity or service that others cannot match.  Agree to work on a weekend or over a holiday at the same price to set yourself apart as someone who will always be there for your client.  This can help you get new clients and be seen as reliable and dependable by those who need your services.
  • Special Deals.  Provide special incentives to new clients and repeat customers that you advertise on a regular basis to keep the information well known and active in the minds of both potential and current clients.  Such an incentive might be the difference between someone going to you or one of your competitors.  
  • Personal Touch:  Make your clients feel important by giving them a service or product that seems personal to their needs or situations.  Such a personal touch makes people feel like they are getting catered, individual attention, and that you care about their well-being.  Developing a personal relationship with your clients will cause them to come to you with gripes or complaints instead of mouthing off to others and allow you to solve the issue/problem before it even gets out on the Internet or spreads through word of mouth.  Clients who feel comfortable with you will always come to you first out of loyalty and because they benefit from that personal relationship with you. 

Good luck in your efforts to stand out from the crowd and build your business.