Saturday, January 14, 2012

Branding on Social Media Sites

A brand represents everything about your company ~ what you stand for, what you do and where you will be in the future. Branding is a way to spread information about your company to a wide audience. All businesses need to engage in some type of branding. There is so much competition for limited dollars that even your small business needs to work on brand development. Social media sites are a good way to spread your brand for FREE and to a large audience.

Keys to Developing Your Brand:  

In creating your brand, you need to think about what you want to represent. Vague concepts such as stating that you are "efficient" might not distinguish you from another company. Take a look at how other companies are describing themselves. If you are using the same or similar language, your company will not stand out as being unique or offering anything special. To make people pay attention, your brand has to contain a different message from your competition.      


Be consistent with your message. Make sure the Facebook, blog and Twitter accounts for your company spread the same message. Being all over the place only confuses your audience. Be specific about what you do and what your company offers and spread a consistent, unified message through all your social media sites. People will be more likely to remember your company at a time when they may need your services if you are consistent.

Respond to questions, complaints and other comments on your social media sites in a timely manner. The downside of being on a wide variety of social media sites is that people have wider access to ways to leave you negative feedback and it can be quick to get out of hand. Be aware of all of your networks and do not overreact to negative comments. Respond to complaints in a timely way so that others know you are responsible, block followers who are abusive and keep encouraging and rewarding those who leave you positive feedback.  In this manner, you will encourage positive comments and keep negative posters at bay.

Good luck on developing your brand.

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